Our Services

Behind the creation of Vinhos Livres are Years of discovering the World of Wine but not only. Leading Restaurant Teams, Creating Wine lists for 1- 2 & 3 Michelin Star Restaurants and working deeply with Wine Pairings have given me such a Joy to Transmit and Exchange all this experiences to Others.

I would like to invite you to discover some of the Services I can Share with your Team, your Restaurant or other Food & Wine project

Professionnal & private tastings

The World of Wine can be so distant, elitist and unaccessible. Such an amazing way of sharing Humans Stories, mark of Nature and the image of Time…

Let’s enjoy moments of Simplicity and Sharing throughout learning and discovering new Sites, landscapes and their impact on taste and amazing wines

Wine List Creation and F&B management

In today’s world and in actual Portugal’s Food scene, wine is a key element in every restaurant. Today the demand grows and becomes more accurate among  amateurs and Wine lovers. Your Wine list is as important As your Menu and the price value are Key elements for the success of a  starting dining experience but also to look for long-lasting activity. Not to be underestimated but developed and made accessible for your customers to enjoy!

Staff Training

Very young and quickly I had the chance to take over Management positions in Restaurant Dining Rooms. Very different type of Restaurants and objectives.

The Joy of Sharing and the pleasure of exchanging with contemporary views are key elements to the development of Dining Room Service Team