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Vinhos Livres has a key partner in Portugal – Gabriel Glas


We have decided as we look for the greatest winemakers and terroir translators in Europe, to find a glassware that is accessible, simple, sober and incredibly performant to bring to Portugal.

After working with many glassware in different parts of the world and using them on a daily basis in Michelin starred restaurants, I have had the chance to find this great shape and work done by Gabriel Glas. I did not only invest in the glassware at home and for my professional tasting, regarding price and easiness to work and clean, but also because of its great adaptability for all type of wines and its great results regarding wine tasting.

(Alejandro Chávarro – Owner of Vinhos Livres and 3 Michelin star former Head Sommelier of Astrance – Paris)

A perfect glass shaped to complement any wine?

An elegant creation to highlight the bouquet of white, red, sparkling and dessert wines.

Often the choice of a suitable glass is more difficult than the choice of the right wine. What is more important to the connoisseur?

A cupboard full of glasses or a cellar full of wine?

The modern way of enjoying the intense taste of wine in minor portions. The wine should be allowed to express itself, and unfold its aroma in the appropriate glass.

As a highlight of the collaboration with professional glass designers and the renowned wine critic, René Gabriel, the unique GABRIEL-GLAS© was born.

Medium-sized, elegant and affordable. Expertise in glass creation meets supreme connoisseurship. Simply pure enjoyment of wine! For every day!

For every wine! Santé! Only one but unique glass for your enjoyment?

Try it! You will be delighted!

Information and details:

The Gabriel-Glas is available in two different versions with identic measurements:

– The StandArt glass: machine made, approx. 150 grams

– The Gold Edition glass: mouth blown, ultra light, approx. 90 grams


The Gabriel-Glas is available in different boxes:

1 pcs, 2 pcs. and 6 pcs. gift box (for private clients) or in neutral 6 pcs. boxes (for wine dealer, wine maker, gastronome and caterer).

1 pcs, 2 pcs. and 6 pcs. gift box (for private clients) or in standard 6 pcs. boxes (for wine dealer, wine maker, gastronome and caterer).


Gabriel Glas proclaimed advantages will convince:

– For a perfect tasting a small quantity of wine is enough.

– The «Bouquet-Drive» located on the belly unfolds the flavour quickly.

– The slightly conically tapered shape concentrates the bouquet.

– The ultra thin workmanship presents a royal finesse in drinking.

– The perfect volume for a usual capacity.

– The uncompromising height of the glass is best suited both for young and older wines.

– White, red or sweet – maximum enjoyment is guaranteed no matter what wine you choose.

– Ordinary wines are improving and quality wines are remaining quality wines.

– The general shape presents maximum elegance and a noble presentation.

– The glass is light but durable.

– It’s a state-of-art, lead-free crystal glass.

– The glass is dishwasher resistant and fits in every device. For best results use dry chemical only.

– GABRIEL-GLAS© offers an attractive pricing, so wine tasting remains a pleasurable yet affordable experience.

We are proud importers of Gabriel Glas for Portugal please contact us for Tarifs and availabilities for for Private clients – Wine dealer – Gastronomy industry – Wineries

Tarifs for private clients here: Gabriel Glas Preços Publ