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A 14ha Family Estate, wine growing since 1687. Based in Oeuilly, inside of La Vallée de la Marne, this Domaine has been part of the expansion of Champagne. Today the Three last Generations lead the Domaine: Mélanie, Benoît and Jean-Mary their father, whose experience has made of him a leader in all that matters concerning respect for, and the protection of, the environment. We are very proud to represent their long History and to spread their work with their extremely precise wines!

Benoît & Mélanie Tarlant


In The heart of Trepail, are settled the 3ha farmed Organically and Biodynamically by David Léclapart. A strong believer on this type of viticulture that has been doing so since 1996 when he took over. His Wines are delicate and subtile as himself. Such a kind, generous and precise winemaker, elaborating in his small Family Estate extremely vibrant wines! I thank David, Carole and their Sons to be so supportive and we are delighted to bring soon to Portugal, a few of his Champagnes and also some of his new adventure in the south of Spain… Available February 2019

David Léclapart


Only 2,5 ha represent Emmanuel’s Vineyard. He was lucky to take over this Parcel of the Mont Benoit, planted with the 3 main Varieties by his father. Since 1998 he slowly started to age his first few bottles. Today, 20 years have gone along, and Emmanuel is making some of the most elegant organic wines in this side of the South of Reims. An extremely small production (7000-8000 bottles) so it is such a Joy to be able to bring a few cases to Portugal in February 2019!

Emmanuel Brochet


Athénaïs de Béru, a brilliant and endearing winemaker. One of a kind, Athénaïs, against all odds chose to drop her initial carrer, move back to her family Estate. Learned and took over the Vineyards starting from scratch the Winemaking of this beautiful Terroirs of Chablis planted by her father around 1987. Since 2006 she has started to bring out the different identities of her Terroirs with a strong will and clear vision of a fully Organic and Biodynamic Estate. Extremely precise on understanding the pruning, the natural biodiversity and enhance the depth of her wines with long agings. Such and incredible Joy to be able to bring you her vision and her outstanding Wines that have something really Unique to discover in the very well known site of Chablis!

Athénaïs de Béru




François, got back in 2007 to the family roots where his great grand father had the family vineyard. For long sold to the near Co-opeartive, François has started slowly to take over the vineyard work first and certify his full work organically and do some parcel micro-cuvées. In the heart of Nevy sur Seille, a small town in the Vallée des Reculées, his family estate is installed very close to Château Chalon. Today François has been making clearly outstanding oxidative wines with a clear image of moderate and long oxydations that convey as for Chardonnay or Savagnin a beautiful structure after more than 6 years in barrels « sous voile » in his great Grand father’s cellar. His master of this aging but also his very precise stil non oxidatives wines have made me a very big follower of his vision of Jura Wines. It is a huge joy to be able to start with him as my first Jura partner. Like after all this years working together i strongly believe on his work and his intention of making this outstanding wines! Available February 2019

François Rousset-Martin






In 2016, Alejandro Muchada and David Léclapart, after several harvests and shared moments of work and enjoyment, decided to start a project together. 3 ha of palomino and muscat vineyards -most of them older than 50 years, of massal selection- in biodynamic agriculture. The plots are located in Pago Miraflores (Sanlúcar) and Pago Abulagar (Chipiona).

Their vigneron model is a craft and personal approach that focuses work and attention on the vineyard, through biodynamics, only superficial tillage, mainly with animal traction, the use of green cover and the search of a new balance in the soil and in the vineyard. In the winery, we look for simplicity, elegance and purity through non-intervention.

David Léclapart & Alejandro Muchada

Ama Brewery

Fermenting impossible dreams

Ama pét-nat tea. Low in alcohol, lightly sparkling, and deliciously complex. A fine-aged, fermented infusion for the modern lifestyle.

Brewed with passion in the Basque country using local spring water and high-quality tea and herbs.

Ramón Perisé & Dani Lasa